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Rule of Law and Basic Freedoms


Upholding basic freedoms - Human Rights, freedom of expression and thought, freedom to form unions and assemble, and the existence of a Rule of Law, meaning a regime where the law is upheld and public authority is also subject to it - constitutes one of the fundamental responsibilities of the State.

The actual implementation of these principles is a vital condition for ensuring safety, justice and dignity for all people and to foster sustainable human development based on equality for all under the law and social justice. The Rule of Law and basic freedoms are expressed in the everyday living conditions of the citizens, who must be able to exercise their rights, fulfil their responsibilities and hold the public institutions accountable. They also form the foundation for the legitimacy of all institutions, guaranteeing democratic governance that is conducive to political stability and development.

The strengthening of the public institutions and legal frameworks in which they operate is therefore a primordial component of the governance strategy adopted by France in 2006.



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