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Human Rights and Development


Respect for Human Rights and the Rule of Law is strongly correlated with effective poverty-reduction and the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals. The respect for the right to life, human dignity, equality under the law, the integrity of the human body, and economic, social and cultural rights, form a prime pillar in all of the programmes in French cooperation.

The French approach, which considers respect for Human Rights and democratic principles as a process that develops within a society, lays emphasis on promoting the capacities of local partners: Human Rights proponents, professional organisations and associations (legal specialists, lawyers, journalists, etc.), mediation institutions (national commissions/institutions for Human Rights, mediators or ombudsmen), civil society and NGOs.

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs also conducts targeted actions, in particular in favour of the fight against forced disappearances, trading in human beings, torture or inhuman or degrading treatment. It defends and promotes children’s rights and is working to develop a strategy on women’s rights and the gender issue in development policies.



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