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The MAEE's six commiments

-  Commitment 1

To ensure that the international action of local authorities is secure...

...with the passing of the Oudin-Santini law in 2005, local bodies and the clusters to which they belong can earmark up to 1% of their budget to international solidarity and cooperation activities. Furthermore, under the 2007 Thiollière law there is no longer any obligation for cooperation between French local bodies and their foreign counterparts to meet the requirement of local interest. Moreover, a 2009 European directive established European Groupings for Territorial Cooperation.

-  Commitment 2

To foster coordination and mutualisation...

...through co-funding of mutualised projects, through innovative on-line tools (on-line formalities, French Atlas and project listings of decentralised cooperation), through support for regional and national networks (country groups within Cités Unies France, etc.) and for multi-stakeholder thematic platforms (via “in the field” coordination using France’s diplomatic network).

-  Commitment 3

To offer spaces for dialogue...

...within the National Commission of Decentralised Cooperation and projects with a geographical focus (China, India, Brazil, emerging countries) and thematic focus (migrants, university cooperation, books and reading, youth and twinning-cooperation, etc.).

Commitment 4

To co-finance with absolute transparency...

...with annual or three-yearly on-line calls for project proposals favouring mutualisation and coordination among local authorities, on clear, negotiated priority issues. This new provision fosters institutional support, sustainable development, economic development and the integration of young people.

Commitment 5

To encourage the emergence of local authorities on the international scene

The MAEE lobbies the European Union and international bodies, advocating the recognition of decentralised cooperation for development and the relevance of a region-based approach to development.

Commitment 6

To support decentralisation processes and the improvement of local governance

Local authorities’ international action carries with it the message of decentralisation and the enhancement of local governance. With the EU, the MAEE defends the role of local and regional authorities in development before international organisations.

Updated on September 2010



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