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Report - Local governments in the run-up to Paris Climate 2015: from local stakeholders to global facilitators (November 2013)

Synthesis of a Parliamentary report submitted in September 2013 by Ronan Dantec, Senator for the Loire-Atlantique département, and Michel Delebarre, former Ministre d’État and Senator for the Nord département

Climate change is without a doubt the first international issue to require absolute solidarity. Its effects naturally transcend borders, whatever their nature, while its treatment continues to be countered by conflicts of interest, economic lobbies and governmental caution. It is also a question of democracy.

First and foremost, however, the challenge is one that concerns our social model, our consumption, our lifestyles and work habits, and the new points of reference that, today, must define the framework of our development and our liberation.

There is a strong cultural dimension to the issue, for the solutions to the problems that it raises must undeniably lead to, and be accompanied by, a thorough reassessment of our references, codes, behaviours and indicators, so that development and liberation may finally be compatible with sustainability.



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