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World Radio Day 2014 (February 13, 2014)

France joins in the celebration of the second World Radio Day, created in 2013 on UNESCO’s initiative to honor the place and role of a constantly changing medium that reaches a very large global audience. Whether digital or terrestrial, radio knows no borders. As a symbol of freedom it lends support to political struggles. As symbol of equality it allows everyone to have access to information. As a symbol of proximity it lends support to everyone in their daily lives, closely focusing on their concerns. As a symbol of diversity, it makes it possible to share information and to listen to the voices of the world in all languages and in every corner of the world. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has long supported action to promote independent radio stations. This is notably the case at the moment in Mali, the Central African Republic and in Syria.

France welcomes the fact that this second World Radio Day will be devoted to promoting women’s voices and gender equality which is one of the priorities of its foreign policy. It reaffirms its attachment to the freedom of the press, the freedom of opinion, expression and communication and the freedom to exercise the profession of journalism.

2013 marked the tragic loss of RFI journalists Ghislaine Dupont and Claude Verlon who were killed while carrying out their work. Their assassination reaffirmed the risks faced by journalists while carrying out their work. France, which supported the adoption on November 2013 by the UN General Assembly of a resolution on the safety of journalists and which organized, in December, a Security Council meeting about this issue with the participation of the director-general of UNESCO, calls on states to prevent, with due respect for their independence, violence against media professionals and to combat the impunity of the perpetrators.

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