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France’s actions to support Holocaust remembrance and combat antisemitism and holocaust denial - France’s 2013 Report (May 2014)

The French Government is particularly committed to the principles and aims of the Stockholm Declaration and is determined to constantly develop and enhance its approach to education, remembrance and research into the Holocaust. As home to Europe’s largest Jewish community, France is particularly involved in remembrance work, as well as in combating every form of antisemitism nationally and internationally.

France supports all efforts aimed at combating Holocaust denial, which encourages modern antisemitism, and emphasizes the singularity of the genocide of the Jewish people as well as the universality of the lessons to be learnt from it to reveal, understand and prevent recurrent human mechanisms that, together, culminated in it. Since 1999, France has been a member of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, previously known as the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research. It considers that this is a useful, necessary platform to promote debate, discussion and collective initiatives in the field. In a world marked by an obsession with identity and racist and extremist temptations, and in a general context of certain limits becoming destabilized, it does indeed appear essential to promote remembrance of the Holocaust – the worst of experiences – as a strong, shared point of reference to understand the present and remain vigilant.

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