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Yamina Benguigui, Minister Delegate for French-Speaking Communities, launched the Parlons français, c’est facile! website in Lille on 18 July 2013

Parlons français, c’est facile! is a website providing free French language tuition. Available in seven languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Arabic), it is designed to appeal to the general public.

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"Parlons français, c’est facile !" website

Not only does the website offer a wide range of fun and entertaining activities based on original documents and web documentaries specially devised by TV5MONDE, it also features an interactive map showing users all the Institut Français, Alliance Française and approved French language centres around the world where the French language is taught.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs handed over the task of designing and creating the website to the Centre International d’Etudes Pédagogiques in Sèvres, and to institutional partners reputed for their experience and the excellence of their practices: the Centre de Linguistique Appliquée in Besançon, Cavilam-Alliance Française in Vichy, the Alliance Française Paris-Île-de-France, the Fondation Alliance Française, the Institut Français and TV5MONDE.

Parlons français, c’est facile! was unveiled by Yamina Benguigui as part of workshops organised by the Institut Français in Lille. The website is just one of the measures set out in an action plan to promote the French language presented by the Minister Delegate in November 2012.

Parlons français, c’est facile! is hosted by the French language channel TV5MONDE.

You can also find Parlons français, c’est facile! on Facebook and Youtube



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