The French economy – Myths and facts (London, 28 October 2013)

Myth 1:

“France is the world’s ninth largest economy” - Editorial, The Times, 19 August 2013

Myth 2:

France is an economic basket case that is over-indebted, over-taxed, over-regulated, spendthrift, poorly governed and in desperate need of wholesale reform." - Simon Heffer, Daily Mail, 23 November 2012

They may appear strikingly different – one uses the bombast and hyperbole of falsehood, whilst the other carries the measured tone of fact – but the two statements above have one thing in common: they are both myths.

The truth of the matter is that France is the world’s fifth largest economy, its infrastructure, investment opportunities, digital innovation, research and green strategy guaranteeing its position at the forefront of the global economic stage. Just last week we announced a historic agreement between EDF and the UK Government, which will see the French energy group supplying 7% of the UK’s electricity when running at full capacity. And in June this year, Easyjet chose Airbus, the European aircraft manufacturer of French origin, to replenish its fleet and provide 135 brand new planes.

As for reforms, the French government has recently implemented a string of courageous measures to further boost our competitiveness, including €20 billion tax breaks and progressive new laws on labour market flexibility.

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Source : french embassy in UK’s website