World-class French infrastructure and quality of life (October 29, 2013)

“France was ready for e-commerce earlier than some of her neighbours and is a very mature market in this respect.” Marc Onetto, Vice-President, Amazon.

High-quality French infrastructure and public services are a competitive asset

  • France is in the top spot when it comes to quality, availability and accessibility of electricity supply (source: KPMG/Institut Choiseul, 2012). Electricity costs are relatively low in France and are a very precious asset.
  • France is ranked second in Europe for high-speed rail lines (source: International Union of Railways, 2012). At the InnoTrans trade show in Berlin in September 2013, two French regions organized the 320m² Northern France Rail pavilion, which featured the Transalley Sustainable Transport and Mobility Centre, which brings together innovative R&D centres, higher-education organizations and businesses.
  • But France also boasts the best road network in Europe (source: Eurostat, 2012).
  • According to the ARCEP, the French regulator for the telecommunications sector and postal services, the market for electronic communications and mobile services in France is booming. The total customer base rose by 7.4% year on year, which is the highest annual growth rate recorded in 10 years (source: Ubifrance).
  • Thanks to a host of initiatives from various regional players, such as Bourgogne Développement, the number of wind turbines in France is expanding fast. Wind-power generation that is fully connected to the grid, at 1 January 2013, exceeded 7,000 MW. France aims to supply 23% of the total energy consumed domestically from renewable sources by 2020. Wind power alone is set to account for over 10% of France’s electricity consumption by 2020 (source: Ubifrance Press office in London, 2013).
Illust: Wind turbine in (...), 317.4 kb, 1000x667
Wind turbine in France (Photo : Pascal Xicluna - Ministère de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche )

A dynamic market

  • Ranked sixth in the world for life expectancy at birth (81.5 years - source: United Nations Development Programme, 2012), France is Europe’s second-largest consumer market, with 65 million inhabitants (source: Eurostat, 2012).
  • With Europe’s second-highest birth rate, France accounts for more than half of the European Union’s natural population increase (source: Eurostat, 2012).

World-renowned quality of life

  • According to International Living, 2011, France has the second-best quality of life, one asset that must not be underrated as regards the localization of industrial activities (source: Gallois report, p.14).
  • Indeed, France is ranked third in Europe and fifth in the world for having healthcare infrastructure that matches the needs of society (Germany: 12th; United Kingdom: 25th) (source: IMD, 2012).
  • Unsurprisingly, it is the leading tourist destination with 79.5 million visitors (source: World Tourism Organization, 2012). This can be explained by its exceptional regional diversity and land resource potential, since France is Europe’s largest country by surface area.

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Source : french embassy in UK’s website