The policy of promoting CSR for Development has a roadmap

By co-signing the final declaration of the Summit of Francophonie Heads of State in which its members "commit to promote social and environmental responsibility and (…) to adhere to the relevant instruments, international standards and principles" the French President stressed on the importance of this issue for France and the necessity of a demanding cooperation on this subject with developing countries. (…) Areas of intervention:

A. To propose to several governments a cooperation in constructing national standards for CSR. To the French offer of cooperation on democratic governance, must be added a "CSR Governance Support" section. Each embassy is invited to identify needs and formulate corresponding bids. This may include in particular indicators formalized by multilateral agencies during the G20 Development Summit, aiming at identifying foreign investment maximizing benefits in terms of jobs and sustainable added value in low-income countries.

B. To support collective business initiatives and local organizations promoting CSR in developing countries.(…) To rely on the best practices of French companies and capitalize on international initiatives such as the UN Global Compact. The preservation of the environment, satisfactory working conditions and social and economic impacts of business activity should be promoted and encouraged, as well as the prominence given to fair trade.(…)

C. To support initiatives of French actors involved in the production of goods and basic services contributing to the fight against poverty and climate change, and the preservation of food security or individual and collective health. Sectorial priorities of the French economic diplomacy will support economic development activities, efforts in order to reduce GHG emissions and adaptation to climate change; agriculture and sustainable food systems and actions of prevention and health care access to the greatest number of people and the most disadvantaged. In the areas of food, water, health and telecommunications, significant potential for cooperation exist and are likely to validate business models offering products tailored to the priority needs of the poorest. (…) The successful initiatives in services "at the base of the pyramid" can affect positively the local development model. (…)

The transversal theme of CSR requires an appropriate organization serving the offer of cooperation of France in this field. An organization gathering several departments (SCAC, economical department, social counselor, French Institute) combining the French Development Agency (AFD) antenna and regularly animating exchanges with French business actors should be developed within each embassy where it seems appropriate. It should allow to identify the actions of technical cooperation, the required support for scientific research, invitations and missions as well as the resources available to respond effectively to the development needs of the country, but also enhance French companies policies in the social and environmental component of their of goods and services supply.

Updated on: 01.03.13