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Diplomatic Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty (New York, July 3 to 27, 2012)

The Diplomatic Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty officially opened on July 3 at the UN Headquarters in New York for a period of 4 weeks until July 27.

On July 2, Mr. Laurent Fabius, together with his German, British and Swedish counterparts, put his signature to an op-ed published in the press, calling for the conclusion of a treaty to regulate the legal trade in conventional weapons, and thus combat the trafficking of these weapons.

Given that the arms trade is not currently subject to any international regulations, France is fully involved in this conference, the purpose of which is to establish a legally binding instrument.

The governments of the 193 Member States of the United Nations are being represented at this conference, alongside representatives from international and regional organizations and civil society.

In France’s view, a future instrument should be approved by as many States as possible, notably the main arms exporters and importers. In order to be effective, the ATT should cover the widest possible range of equipment, notably small arms and light weapons, as well as all types of munitions, transfers of arms and related activities.

Each State should implement a national system to control transfers on the basis of a risk analysis guaranteeing that the export of equipment does not violate in any way the provisions of international law (UN embargos, human rights, international humanitarian law). France will also strive to ensure that the issue of corruption related to international arms transfers is taken into consideration.



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