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State Reform


The fight against poverty and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals require the ability to draw upon stable and recognised public institutions, capable of guaranteeing the population safety and access to basic public services - the cornerstones of development. The refounding of the State and capacity-building for the administrative agencies form a central component in France’s cooperation policy. Offering the opportunity for dialogue with all of the players present, the said processes contribute to boosting the legitimacy of public action and the Rule of Law.

The aim is to work alongside States as they redefine their scope of action in the face of decentralisation, the emergence of new forms of partnership with the private sector, but above all to encourage their opening up to civil society via participation, transparency and responsibility. Institutional strengthening in the aforementioned fields appears essential so that the State may fulfil its role as a regulator, defender of individual freedoms, coordinator, arbitrator and guarantor of the defence of public interest.

Above and beyond mere technical reforms, the modernisation of the State invites the parties to raise questions about the role of public institutions and governance methods.



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