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Taking action to modernise the justice system

The components for a Rule of Law are prioritisation in legal standards and separation of powers such that the public authorities are subject to the principle of legality, as well as the principle of equality for all individuals or organisations before the law. These two principles are guaranteed by the existence of an independent justice system.

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs provides its support to the aforementioned principles through action to improve the structure and workings of French legal institutions, as well as by promoting familiarity with the law and access to justice for all. Citizens must be able to ensure their rights are upheld and refer to the courts for a fair ruling in the event of dispute, regardless of the field at hand.

The action of French cooperation takes on the form of:

-  assistance in reform and renovation of the law
-  training for personnel in the justice system (judges, registrars, lawyers, etc.) so that they may fulfil their responsibilities while drawing upon democratic principles, in partnership with French and European institutions
-  support for modernising legal jurisdictions and general organisation, by: providing legal or technical documentation, translating, computerising, organising regional seminars, building up multidisciplinary expert networks, in particular in the fields of criminal mutual assistance, anti-corruption, cyber-crime and the fight against major trafficking.
-  support and promotion for the charter and bylaws of the magistrates guaranteeing independence for all judges
-  backing for the incorporation of international agreements against organised crime and corruption into national law
-  support to regional organisations such as OHADA (the Organisation in Africa for the Harmonisation of Corporate Law), which promotes economic and commercial law, with the objective of contributing to greater security for investments and economic development.

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs also contributes to the field of Parliamentary cooperation through support for the drafting of a Constitution in certain countries under reconstruction and action to professionalize the functions of elected officials and civil servants.



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