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Improving safety and stability in partner countries

The police forces, law enforcement agencies and customs authorities are essential players in guaranteeing that the Rule of Law is uphold and ensuring safety for individuals and goods, as necessary for development. Their action, whether preventive or repressive, must be deployed in line with democratic principles.

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs works to build capacity and efficiency in the police forces, which guarantee inland security. In partnership with the Police International Technical Cooperation Service (SCTIP) which is present on all continents, it works to maintain public order and fight terrorism, organised crime, illegal immigration, human trafficking and drug trafficking. Its action derives its impact from:

-  training for police agents and support for the creation of training centres and higher institutes for police education
-  technical assistance in the field of criminal investigation
-  improvements for technical and scientific police laboratories
-  support for the creation of national anti-drug centres
-  training in crowd management to facilitate the exercise of freedom of assembly and demonstration.

French cooperation is aimed at better synergies with all of the players involved in the field of inland security, which will, moreover, help build up partnership-based cooperation in the trans-national fight against terrorism and crime.

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs also works to improve civil security in coordination with the French fire-fighting units seconded to partner countries. It implements training initiatives for fire-fighters in emergency medical services and road safety. it also works, in particular in the Maghreb countries, to structure civil security to manage natural disasters: setting up crisis management units, structuring the chain of transmission and command, etc.



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