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Fragile States, Prevention and Post-Conflict Reconstruction


Conflict prevention and the reconstruction of States, economies and civil societies coming out of crisis situations are an essential component of French public development aid.

The phenomena arising from State collapses, the spread of violence as the sole source of power, and the economic and social disasters that arise from this paralyse civil populations, making them unable to take action, despite international aid. The said aid can often not reach eh populations, due precisely to the fragility of institutional structures. The said crises can, moreover, threaten the security of the international community as a whole.

In response to these multiple and intertwining difficulties, France has chosen to give priority, in fragile States, to a cross-cutting, participatory and integrated approach around the refoundation of the State, a necessary pillar to development. In such environments, the reform of the security and transitional justice systems become of the utmost importance.



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