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Opening of the GDF SUEZ / MAEE Programme selection campaign

Since 2012, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) and the GDF Suez Group have developed a programme for the reception and support of high-level foreign students in France.

This scheme, which is part of the MAE’s QUAI D’ORSAY/ENTREPRISES programme, is based on a public-private partnership.It is set apart by the creation of ideal, personalized reception conditions and joint selection of students by the MAE, GDF Suez and the French higher education institutions.

Call for applications 2014

The 2014 Programme is open to Chinese, Indonesian and Turkish students who wish to study at Master’s level predetermined courses in the field of energy.

Selected students will receive a grant financed by GDF SUEZ. They will each have a GDF SUEZ mentor and will be welcomed within the company to work there as trainees.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the French Embassy, will bear the cost of the social cover grant package conferring grant students the status of French Government grant student and related advantages (social security coverage, additional private health insurance, insurance coverage, no-fee visas), and providing French language training, if required, before departure for France.

For further information

Candidates with Chinese nationality

Call for applications for the Ecole Polytechnique grant – (PDF, 280 KB)

Candidates with Indonesian nationality

Call for applications for the IFP SCHOOL grant – (PDF, 60,5 KB)

Candidates with Turkish nationality

Call for applications for ENSTA Paris Tech grant – (PDF, 57,4 KB)

Updated: 10.02.14



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