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  • Somalia – Attacks in Mogadishu (01.01.14)

    France supports the efforts of the Somali authorities to promote stability. It also commends the efforts of the Somali police force and army, as well as the African Union Mission in Somalia, to restore peace and security.

  • Somalia – Attack in Beledweyne (19.11.13)

    We pay tribute to the efforts of the Somali police force and army, as well as the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), to restore peace and security. France supports the Federal Government of Somalia, the African Union and the UN in this effort.

  • Somalia – Adoption of UNSCR 2124 (New York, 12.11.13)

    France welcomes yesterday’s unanimous adoption by the UN Security Council of resolution 2124 devoted to the situation in Somalia. By approving an increase in troop strength of 4,400 soldiers for the African Union operation in Somalia (AMISOM), it will enable this operation, with the support of the Somali forces, to step up action against the extremist groups that are continuing to obstruct peace.

  • Somalia – Attack in Mogadishu (09.09.13)

    France condemns the attack perpetrated on September 7, 2013, in Mogadishu, which killed 18 people, according to the latest reports. France reaffirms its support for the Somali authorities and people in their efforts to build a peaceful and democratic society that respects its diversity and human rights.

  • Attack against the UN in Mogadishu (20.06.13)

    France utterly condemns the attack perpetrated on June 19 in Mogadishu, which, according to the latest reports, killed at least 9 people and injured many others. This heinous attack targeted a building housing UN personnel and agencies providing humanitarian and development assistance to the Somali population.

  • Somalia – Visit to London by Pascal Canfin (07.05.13)

    This conference aims to strengthen the partnership between the Somali authorities and the international community in order to support the stabilization process under way. It will be co-chaired by British Prime Minister David Cameron and Somali President Hassan Sheik Mohamud.

  • Somalia – Murder of a journalist (21.04.13)

    France utterly condemns the murder, on April 21, 2013, in Mogadishu, Mohamed Ibrahim Rageh, a journalist working for Somali National Television. We extend our condolences to his family and friends.

  • Somalia - Murder of a journalist (21.01.13)

    France utterly condemns the murder of Abdihared Osman, a Somali journalist at Radio Shabelle, on 18 January 2013 in Mogadishu, and extends her sincere condolences to his family and friends.

  • Somalia - Formation of a new government (14.11.12)

    On the occasion of the formation of the Somali government, France congratulates the new ministers on their appointment and wishes them success. We also welcome the appointment of two women to positions of responsibility – that of deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs and that of minister of social services development.

  • Somalia – Murder of a media professional (31.10.12)

    France strongly condemns the murder of the satirist and musician, Warsame Shire Awale, on October 29. We extend our condolences to his loved ones as well as to his colleagues at the private radio station Radio Kulmiye.

  • Murder of a journalist in Somalia (29.10.12)

    We are more concerned than ever about the increase in the number of attacks against journalists and media workers in Somalia. France calls on the Somali authorities to immediately strengthen the measures necessary to protect those who defend the right to information.

  • Murder of a journalist in Somaliland (23.10.12)

    This new murder brings the number of journalists killed this year in Somalia to 16. France reaffirms its solidarity with and its support for the Somali journalists who continue to courageously carry out their work in extremely difficult conditions.

  • Somalia – Murder of two journalists in Mogadishu (01.10.12)

    France reaffirms its attachment to the freedom of expression and the protection of journalists. It calls on the states to ensure the implementation of the relevant UN resolutions, notably UNSCR 1738 and the resolution on the safety of journalists that has just been adopted by the Human Rights Council.

  • Attack against the Somali president (13.09.12)

    France stands alongside Somalia and reaffirms its full support for the president and the new institutions in their efforts to promote stability, security, human rights, democracy and development.

  • Somalia – Election of the new Somali president (11.09.12)

    France congratulates him and wishes him success at an especially important moment in Somalia’s history. His election marks the end of the transition period. It’s a crucial step in the national reconciliation process and in the political process, which must continue to move toward the establishment of democratic institutions.

  • Somalia – Political process (20.08.12)

    France continues to stand alongside Somalia in its efforts to stabilize the country, in particular through its support for AMISOM and the training of Somali soldiers within the framework of the EU Training Mission (EUTM) for Somalia. We call for commitments from new contributors in order to support the European Union’s efforts to finance AMISOM.

  • Somalia - Adoption of a Provisional Constitution (02.08.12)

    France welcomes the August 1st adoption of a Provisional Constitution for Somalia by the Somali Constituent Assembly, which has been meeting in Mogadishu since July 25. It should make it possible to conclude the transition process, scheduled for August 20.

  • Istanbul Conference II on Somalia (31.05-01.06.12)

    This Conference is part of the follow-up to the London Conference on Somalia in February which allowed the international community to strongly reaffirm its commitment to supporting the Somali people during this crucial time for the future of their country marked by an improvement in the security situation and the prospect of establishing new institutions by the end of the so-called “transition” period on August 20.



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