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  • Serbia-Kosovo – Resumption of dialogue (08.11.12)

    France supports the actions of High Representative Catherine Ashton who organized these meetings and her efforts to promote reconciliation in the Balkans region. We hope that the agreements that have already been concluded will be implemented in good faith by the two parties and that the new dynamic under way will result in concrete progress in new areas.

  • Elections in Serbia (06.05.12)

    France commends the OSCE for its mobilization which enabled it to make a decisive contribution to the organization of this ballot. We hope that the second round of these elections can also take place under the best possible conditions.

  • OSCE - Serbian elections in Kosovo (02.05.12)

    France welcomes the completion of negotiations between Serbia, Kosovo and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to enable Serbian voters in Kosovo with dual nationality to take part in the [Serbian] general and presidential elections of May 6 and 20 with the OSCE’s support.



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