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  • Nepal - Earthquake (12.05.15)

    A new earthquake struck Nepal this morning. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development crisis and support center immediately opened a crisis unit and set up an emergency hot line: 01 43 17 56 46.

  • Nepal – Update (11.05.15)

    More than 3,000 of our compatriots were found safe and well thanks to the efforts of around 30 members of the crisis and support center, our embassy in Nepal, sécurité civile [emergency services] personnel and experts from the National Gendarmerie’s Institute of Criminal Research (IRCGN), who carried out a thorough investigation and used information from our compatriots’ relatives, local authorities, tourism professionals and mountain guides to find them and provide assistance to them. More than 18,700 calls were handled by the Quai d’Orsay’s emergency hotline.

  • Nepal – Update (06.05.15)

    The most recent toll issued by the Nepalese authorities stands at 7,557 dead and almost 15,000 injured. Nepalese and international rescue teams are continuing to make every effort to access the most remote areas. Our embassy is continuing to coordinate helicopter rotations.

  • Nepal – Update (05.05.15)

    The human toll exacted by the earthquake in Nepal has further increased. The Nepalese authorities now indicate that the toll stands at 7,557 dead and 14,536 injured.

  • Nepal – Update (04.05.15)

    We are mobilizing our efforts in Paris as well as in Katmandu to locate and rescue our compatriots. Three people have died and seven French citizens are, in addition, still reported as missing. There is still no information about 42 of our compatriots.

  • Nepal - Earthquake (29.04.15)

    France is deploying significant emergency aid. A plane made available by Airbus, transporting 55 medical and humanitarian personnel and 25 tonnes of humanitarian equipment (shelters, medicines and food aid), landed in Kathmandu this morning. Two other planes transporting rescue personnel and 60 tonnes of humanitarian aid cargo are expected soon.



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