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  • Kosovo – Municipal elections (06.11.13)

    France welcomes the generally smooth conduct of the municipal elections in Kosovo on November 3, 2013. These were the first local elections held throughout the territory of Kosovo. Voter turnout was on the whole satisfactory, notably in the Serbian municipalities in southern Kosovo. This is a sign that the Serbian community is assuming an ever-increasing level of ownership of the institutions in Pristina. It’s a positive step toward democracy in Kosovo.

  • Serbia-Kosovo – Resumption of dialogue (08.11.12)

    France supports the actions of High Representative Catherine Ashton who organized these meetings and her efforts to promote reconciliation in the Balkans region. We hope that the agreements that have already been concluded will be implemented in good faith by the two parties and that the new dynamic under way will result in concrete progress in new areas.

  • Kosovo murders (10.07.12)

    France strongly condemns the murder of a couple who were Kosovo citizens of Serbian origin on Friday, July 6 in the municipality of Ferizaj/ Urosevac in Kosovo. This couple had returned to live in Kosovo in 2004 after having fled their village during the tragic events of 1998-1999.

  • Kosovo – Incidents (04.06.12)

    These incidents demonstrate the need to continue the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo. The agreements between Belgrade and Pristina must be swiftly implemented. The credibility of the commitments undertaken is at stake.



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