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  • Iran – Response by Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius to a question from the National Assembly (12.11.13)

    "France’s position, which is shared by the international community, is as follows: Iran is perfectly entitled to use civilian nuclear energy, but not the atom bomb. That is our position, which underpins every aspect of the negotiations. A few days ago, we had a long negotiating session in Geneva. It was useful. France offered its contribution. I want to emphasize that our position is the position of all six countries, the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany."

  • Iran - Nuclear issue (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - 14.10.13)

    The arrangements for the negotiation session due to take place in Geneva on October 15 and 16 were agreed with Iran in New York; according to these arrangements the discussions will take place at the political director level and will be chaired by Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.

  • Iran/ Nuclear issue – Publication of the IAEA report (29.08.13)

    The IAEA report shows that Iran has continued to pursue its uranium enrichment activities, notably the expansion of its capacities as a result of research and development, and its heavy water-related activities, given the progress toward the construction of the heavy water reactor in Arak. The resolutions of the Security Council and the Board of Governors require the suspension of all these activities.

  • Iran - Nuclear program (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - 07.08.13)

    It is up to Iran to demonstrate its seriousness by providing specific answers to the proposals formulated in Almaty and by making concrete gestures to respond to international concerns about its nuclear program. If Iran is indeed ready, France, with its partners in the E3+3 group, is also prepared to resume discussions.

  • Meeting between Laurent Fabius and the Iranian Ambassador (06.08.13)

    Noting President Rouhani’s expressed desire for dialogue, the minister emphasized that France, like its partners, is ready to work with the new authorities but that it expects concrete actions from Iran in response to international concerns about the aims of its nuclear program, its involvement in Syria and the human rights situation.



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