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Yemen – Adoption by the Security Council of resolution 2051 (June 13, 2012)

France welcomes the unanimous adoption by the Security Council of resolution 2051 on the continuation of the political transition in Yemen. In the same spirit as resolution 2014 adopted on October 21, the Security Council thus marks its determination to encourage Yemen to continue on the path that it has embarked upon:

-  by solemnly reaffirming the international community’s support for the new democratically elected authorities and President Hadi’s efforts to guide the transition;

-  by giving a clear warning to the destabilizing elements in this process, at the political as well as security level, including by expressing its readiness to consider sanctions.

The Security Council remains mobilized and vigilant in order to ensure, through peaceful means, the success of an orderly, democratic transition in Yemen, the only credible response to the legitimate aspirations of the people. France would like the Security Council to signal the same determination in order to take effective action to achieve the outcome that corresponds to the aspirations of the people with respect to other ongoing crises.



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