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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Based on long-standing relations between our two countries, on French influences assumed or even proclaimed by our Venezuelan partners (especially in the fields of culture and art, thought, and research), and a positive overall image, French cooperation in Venezuela is part of a dynamic of influence that allows it to enjoy certain expectations among Venezuelans.

The main focuses of our work, largely co-financed, are:

strong cooperation in higher education and research: scientific programmes PCP/RU2I and ECOS-Nord; Master’s 2 and Doctorate scholarship programme with the Fondation Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho (FUNDAYACUCHO) which comes under the Ministry of Science; Renault’s automotivemechatronics training centre project; cooperation projects in the field of nanotechnologies (PREFALC programme);

significant cultural programming, conducted with the support of generous sponsors and a growing network ofAlliances Françaises(8,200 students, facilities in eight different cities: Caracas [four separate sites], Maracaibo, Valencia, Barquisimeto, Mérida, Porlamar, Puerto La Cruz and Barinas; forthcoming opening of a new Alliance in Maracay and projects in several Venezuelan cities).

These cultural actions are growing around highlights like the French Language Festival, the French Film Festival (boasting its 26th edition in 2012 and which is the country’s largest film festival) and the Music Festival (which enjoyed great success in 2012 and major media coverage).

It is also based on major projects (Casanova cine-concert in 2011, Bolívar opera by Darius Milhaud in March 2012), conducted in close partnership with the Children’s and Youth Orchestra System (Sistema) founded by Maestro Jose-Antonio Abreu in 1975, of which Gustavo Dudamel is the figurehead.

the development of cooperation initiatives in the areas of architecture and city planning, through support for Venezuela’s future museum of architecture (development of a partnership with the French Institute of Architecture) and the renovation of the Sabanas Grandepedestrian boulevard;

an effort to have a sustained dialogue with our partners on the topic of climate change and sustainable development;

the promotion of the French language and support for the French High School in Caracas (Colegio Franciawith two teaching sections: a French section with 750 students and a Venezuelan section with 550 students);

the search for opportunities for decentralized cooperation, particularly towards the French Departments of America (DFA), for which we want to strengthen regional integration;

the development of the partnership led with the five French-Venezuelan associations: engineers and scientists, French teachers, humanities and social sciences, lawyers, doctors and health professionals.

The objectives of these actions are twofold: seeking out new audiences (“Le Français, une Chance en Plus” [French, Another Opportunity] programme targeting teaching our language to 100 young Venezuelans from modest backgrounds) and new partners (particularly in cultural fields), and reorganizing and strengthening our network (Alliances Françaisesin Venezuela on the one hand, French cooperation in the Andean region on the other).

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