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Cultural cooperation

Cultural cooperation

In terms of cultural relations, the Holy See is a unique partner for France. At the heart of the Catholic world, this State is home to a group of universities and institutes, places of higher education, where young monks and nuns from all over the world come and are then called on to play a key role in local churches. In addition to this, there are various institutions, such as the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, and the Academy of Social Sciences, which play host to intellectual elite from all over the world, including several Nobel laureates. Of the 145 embassies accredited at the Holy Sea, France is the only country to have a cultural division and centre: the Centre Saint-Louis de France. The cultural activities of this centre make it possible to ensure that the French language has a certain position in the institutions of the Vatican, despite strong competition from English, Italian, and, more recently, Spanish. They also make it possible to have intellectual influence in Roman ecclesiastical settings and in many papal institutions and universities, through grants for training programmes in France for students of all nationalities and thanks to the dissemination of French Christian and secular thought and culture.

Updated on 26.05.08

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