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Visit to the United States by Hélène Conway-Mouret (March 21 to 25, 2013)

Hélène Conway-Mouret, Minister Delegate for French Nationals Abroad, traveled to the United States today in order to participate in the annual consular meeting hosted by our ambassador which will brought together the 10 consuls general in the United States. More than 125,000 of our citizens are listed in the United States on the register of French citizens living outside France.

The minister delegate, who has made the modernization of public consular services one of her main priorities, received the French community in New York and in Washington and met French officials within the UN system. In these two cities, she also met with French elected officials and association representatives and held a working meeting with French economic actors.

With respect to French education abroad, which is also a priority area, Ms. Conway-Mouret visited the French lycées in New York and Washington in order to meet the teaching staff and representatives of parents of students. In New York, she also visited a French-American school following a bilingual curriculum. These bilingual schools – both public and private – contribute to expanding the influence of our language and our country. 129 schools in 27 American states and 80 cities provide education both in French and in English, and manage a network of 15,000 students and 600 teachers.



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