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Other types of cooperation

Cooperation in the area of the fight against illegal immigration has been strengthened and juxtaposed control offices have been established in the English Channel and North Sea ports and the fixed Channel link. Illegal immigration rings operating between the two countries are broken up on a regular basis through joint police operations. More broadly, bilateral cooperation in the area of internal security extends to the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime. It has a multilateral dimension as well: G6, G8, first joint investigational teams (France, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands) and creation of the information maritime analysis centre (MAOC-N) in Portugal. In the fight against terrorism, operational and technical cooperation is intense, via constant exchanges of good practices, specifically following the attacks of 7 July 2005 and the questioning of August 2006, and through information exchanged daily by our specialist liaison officers.

The Franco-British Council also bears mentioning. It was founded in 1972 through a joint initiative of the French President and the British Prime Minister. This Council, comprising a French section and a British section with about 30 members each, aims to take every initiative to promote better understanding between the two countries and the organization of meetings of important people and high-ranking specialists in the political, strategic, social, economic and cultural fields.

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