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Ukraine (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - April 5, 2012)

Q : How are you responding to the announcement of a new trial for Yulia Tymochenko beginning on April 19? Will France try to contact Ms. Tymochenko again?

A : France has repeatedly warned Ukraine against using the legal system for political purposes. We fear that this latest trial, like previous ones, will fail to safeguard the rights of the defense, as protected by international law.

We are concerned not only about the functioning of the justice system but also about the treatment of detainees, whether they be Yulia Tymochenko, Yuri Lutsenko or Valeriy Ivashchenko.

France therefore urges the Ukrainian government once again to fully respect human rights and its international commitments, notably with regard to the Council of Europe, as well as the commitments it renewed at the EU-Ukraine summit in December 2011.



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