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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation


Our cultural cooperation and initiatives together constitute a tool vital to the implementation of the Action Plan for Tunisia adopted in February 2011. The plan identifies three priorities: 1) supporting the establishment of democracy and the rule of law; 2) contributing to the modernisation of the economy and the development of employment; 3) maximising contacts between the two civil societies.

Promoting the French language is also a key cooperation issue. French is recognised in Tunisia as a "foreign language with privileged status", and is taught throughout the school curriculum. The Institut Français in Tunisia and its language centre also plays a part in promoting the French language, as does the network of AEFE schools (whose total roll of 7,200 pupils includes over 3,200 Tunisian nationals).

The French Development Agency (AFD) plays a central role in Franco-Tunisian cooperation, both in the volume of its commitments (averaging €100 million annually over the past 15 years) and through its support for major economic and social reforms. Under the terms of the Deauville Partnership, the AFD provided €425 million in funding in 2011-2012 to support Tunisia’s transition to democracy, of which €185 million has already been disbursed.

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