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Economic relations

Economic relations

Thailand is an important economic partner and was France’s third-largest trading partner within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 2014 after Singapore and Malaysia, with a total trade volume of €3.7 billion. Whereas France had a foreign trade surplus of €230 million in 2013, the fall in the sales and supply of aviation equipment reduced our exports, and this led to a €925 million deficit in 2014.

France is the third-largest European investor and the tenth-largest global investor in Thailand, with an investment stock which has more than doubled since 2006 to more than €3 billion today. Our economic presence consists of 220 subsidiaries (of which some 60 are those of major groups like Michelin, Total, Bouygues, Airbus, Accor, etc., and of between 500 and 1000 independent business people working mostly in the service sector.

In France, Thai investment also represents 13 entities and 1330 jobs, mainly in agrifood and industry.
Thailand is the leading French tourist destination in South-East Asia, with more than 630,000 tourist arrivals in 2014. Together with Singapore, Thailand hosts the biggest community of French residents in South-East Asia (over 10,000 were registered in 2014).



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