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Syria – Regime’s attack on the city of Aleppo (February 1 - 2, 2014)

Following the first session of negotiations at the Geneva II conference, Bashar al-Assad’s regime launched an especially bloody attack on the city of Aleppo involving the use of barrels packed with explosives. 121 people are reported to have been killed during the attack, including 13 children.

France condemns these attacks against the civilian population, which constitute a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, and reaffirms that the perpetrators of these war crimes must be brought to justice.

By intensifying the brutal crackdown against the civilian populations, even though a diplomatic process has been launched in Geneva to implement a political transition, the regime is, once again, demonstrating the utmost cynicism. While the negotiations have started, swift progress must be made on the humanitarian front in order to ease the suffering of the Syrian people.



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