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Syria (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - May 27, 2013)

Q - The preparations for the Geneva conference are intensifying, but the Syrian opposition, meeting in Istanbul, appeared deeply divided and has not yet declared whether it will be participating, while Damascus has agreed in principle. Are you still hopeful for an agreement within the opposition before the meeting with Lavrov and Kerry? What position will you defend this evening with the Russian Minister?

R - At a time when the preparations for Geneva II are ongoing, it is essential that the Syrian National Coalition continues its structuring. We must support their efforts in this matter.

The meetings of the Syrian National Coalition are continuing in Istanbul. They need to examine the internal restructuring of the Coalition, elect its leaders, raise the issue of the provisional government and declare whether they will participate in a Geneva II conference.

We recall our desire for a widening of the Syrian National Coalition’s leadership bodies.

Laurent Fabius will raise this question this evening when he meets Messrs Kerry and Lavrov.



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