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Syria - Aleppo municipal and provincial council elections (March 2 to 3, 2013)

France welcomes the holding of the elections on March 2 in Turkey to select the 25 members of the Aleppo municipal council, and then on March 3 to appoint the 29 members of the provincial council of Aleppo and its region, whose purpose will be to manage administrative affairs for civilians.

These elections reflect the opposition’s commitment to moving toward democracy. They are an act of courage and civic engagement, in very challenging conditions in light of the continued shelling and fighting. We also welcome the visit, at the same time, of the president of the coalition to a liberated zone to the north-east of Aleppo.

We encourage the Syrians to continue these initiatives which provide the foundations for a democratic regime. France is, more than ever, committed alongside the Syrian people to ensuring that a free and democratic Syria becomes a reality.



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