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Meeting between Laurent Fabius and the head of the free civil council of Aleppo provincial council (June 25, 2013)

Following the meeting of the Friends of Syria group in Doha in which he participated, Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, met with a delegation led by the head of the free civil council of Aleppo province, Yahya Nanah.

This meeting was an extension of France’s direct support for the liberated zones. It was also with this in mind that France hosted an international meeting with representatives of the civilian revolutionary councils in October in Paris.

For many months now, France has been lending direct support to the governance structures of the liberated zones in order to respond to the humanitarian needs of the civilian populations. Accordingly, last week it delivered more than 16 tons of medicine, part of which is meant for Aleppo and its region. France would like to help build a free, democratic and pluralistic Syria that respects human rights and the fundamental principles of the Syrian National Coalition.



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