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Draft resolution on the humanitarian situation in Syria (10.02.14)

Regarding Syria, the minister said on RTL this morning that “in collaboration with a whole list of other countries” France will table a resolution at the UN in support of increased humanitarian action and to open up access to the cities in order to allowdelivery of food and medicines.

Can you clarify what this involves, and which countries he’s referring to – and have you consulted with China and Russia regarding this matter?

Discussions are in fact under way in New York on a draft resolution on the humanitarian situation in Syria, on the initiative of several of our partners. Consultations on this draft are being conducted with the Security Council members.

As Mr. Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, indicated this morning, "we are calling for much stronger humanitarian action and demand that access be granted to the cities in order to allow delivery of food and medicines. It’s absolutely outrageous that we’ve already been discussing this for some time and that we’re continuing to starve people every day."

The seriousness of the situation facing the Syrian people confirms the urgent need to mobilize the international community. Following the agreement reached last week regarding the Old City of Homs allowing the evacuation of civilians, the humanitarian aid convoys leaving the Old City were attacked by mortar shells on February 8. These deliberate attacks against civilians and humanitarian workers are unacceptable. In addition, the bombing attacks are continuing in Aleppo and again killed several people last week.



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