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Syria (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - september 6, 2012)

Q : What’s your response to the demand by Russia’s President Putin that his Western partners “change their position” regarding the conflict in Syria?

A : France’s position is well known. President Hollande and the minister of foreign affairs have reaffirmed it on several occasions.

During his speech to the ambassadors Mr. Hollande notably stated: “The principle is simple: Bashar al-Assad must go. There’s no political solution with him. He is a threat, he’s continuing with unbelievable violence to massacre the people, destroy cities and kill women and children – we’ve had evidence of this again in the past few days.”

The report released on August 15 by the UN International Commission of Inquiry also allows us to establish that crimes against humanity have been committed by the regime.

This position is also shared by the vast majority of UN Member States, by nearly all members of the Security Council - where only Russia and China are exercising their veto -, by the Arab League, and the Organization of the Islamic Conference which has suspended Syria, etc.

We’re discussing this matter with Russia, as we are with all our partners.



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