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Syria (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - June 28, 2012)

Q : What’s France’s position regarding Assad’s fate within the framework of the transitional government proposed by Kofi Annan?

R : More than 15,000 people – including women and children – have died since Bashar al-Assad decided to violently suppress the democratic and legitimate aspirations of his own people.

He is responsible for his decision to drag his country and his people into a futile spiral of violence.

In the eyes of his people, first and foremost, and now those of the international community, he has lost all legitimacy.

Q : Can you confirm that Mr. Laurent Fabius will participate in the Action Group for Syria in Geneva, and what are you expecting from this meeting? If not, at what level will France be represented?

R : Laurent Fabius will participate in the Action Group for Syria in Geneva.

As we said, this meeting, advocated by Mr. Kofi Annan and supported by France, should establish a common position on a credible political solution to the Syrian tragedy: in practical terms, the Action Group should agree on the principles and stages of a democratic transition in Syria as well as on the priority attached to ending the crackdown and ensuring unrestricted access to humanitarian assistance by the civilian population.



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