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Syria (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - May 18, 2012)

Q : What’s your reaction to the Syrian President’s latest statements about France to a Russian television channel?

A : Such statements by Bashar al-Assad won’t make people forget that his security forces are continuing to massacre his people and that he still hasn’t begun implementing Kofi Annan’s plan. Has the violence stopped? Have the prisoners been released? Has the army withdrawn to its barracks? Has a political process got under way?

All the negative answers to these questions mean we remain fully committed to supporting the Annan plan, which must enable a political transition in Syria.

France will continue to support the Syrian people’s right to freedom and she condemns the continuation of the bloody crackdown in Syria, which has again killed several dozen people over the past few days, particularly today’s bombing of the town of Rastan.

After 14 months of crisis, Bashar al-Assad should understand that it’s the bloody crackdown conducted by his security forces that threatens to plunge Syria into a chaos prejudicial to the stability of the region.



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