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Situation in Syria - (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - September 27, 2012)

Q : Since the start of the crisis, there’s been talk about the risk that Syria may be partitioned. Laurent Fabius talked about this again at the beginning of the week on a radio program. Can you give us any more information?

A : The regime has been trying to divide the various components of Syrian society since the start of the crisis in order to hold on to power and has chosen repression in the face of the legitimate demands of its people. The longer the crisis continues, the greater the risk that tensions will increase.

France and the international community are very attached to the integrity and unity of Syria.

We encourage the Syrian opposition, which has on several occasions signaled its support for the unity of the Syrian people and the integrity of its territory, to unite in support of the respect for democratic principles, human rights and minorities.



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