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Economic relations

In 2013, Switzerland was France’s ninth-largest customer and ninth-largest supplier. While Switzerland was our fourth largest trade surplus in 2012 with €1.76 billion, in 2013 it no longer ranked among our ten largest trade surpluses. Switzerland now accounts for 3.1% of our total exports (against 3.2% in 2012) and for 2.5% of our total imports (against 2.3% in 2012).

In 2013, French exports to Switzerland fell overall by 4.6% with very significant drops in certain sectors. France’s five principal export products accounted for 33.6% of its total sales to Switzerland. These products included jewellery (€1.36 billion, i.e. -9% compared with 2012, agro-food (€1.07 billion, a stable figure compared to 2012), aviation sector products (€725 million, up 4% from 2012), pharmaceutical preparations (€700 million, up 5% from 2013), and petroleum products (€514 million).
In 2013, our imports from Switzerland increased 5.3% with a sharp rise in pharmaceuticals. In 2013, six items accounted for 51.5% of our imports from Switzerland: jewellery (€1.7 billion, i.e. 14% of our total Swiss imports), pharmaceutical preparations (€1.56 billion or 12.4%), agro-food products (€1.4 billion or 11%), medical instruments and supplies (€870 or 7%), aromas and essential oils (€705 million or 5.6%) and medical equipment (€595 million or 4.7%). This significant average growth should not conceal mixed developments as regards the principal imports:

- a steady increase in our imports of pharmaceutical preparations (up 18% despite an 11% drop in volumes), processed coffee and tea (up 56% to €917 million, due up to 85% to a value effect) and jewellery (up 13% to €398 million);

- a small increase in our jewellery imports (up 5%) and medical instruments and supplies (up 5%);

- a sharp drop in our imports of medical radiation, electro-medical and electro-therapeutic equipment (down 11%). This sharp increase in pharmaceutical imports was also observed among most of Switzerland’s leading customers in that sector which accounted for more than a quarter of the country’s total exports in 2013.

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