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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Our cultural, scientific and technical relations are decentralized to a large extent because of the cultural competence of Swiss cantons and towns and the role played by private initiative in Switzerland in this area. The network of nine Alliances Françaises in Switzerland contributes to their visibility. Cooperation is based on direct agreements between the two countries’ various public and private bodies, as well as on the many cross-border relations.

Switzerland is very active in the university and scientific fields, to which it devotes 2.7% of its GDP. Swiss research is among the highest performing in the world. The Franco-Swiss scientific and technical cooperation meeting, which took place in Bern on 14 October 2003, made it possible to bring out common directions. The Franco-Swiss Foundation for Research and Technology was opened in September 2006. Its purpose is to put institutes of higher education, research bodies and companies into a network around joint projects for industrial applications. Cooperation between the scientific teams of the Swiss and French synchrotron was relaunched on 22 June 2004 on the occasion of the inauguration of the “Lucia” synchrotron light line.

Switzerland became a full-fledged member of La Francophonie during the Dakar Summit in 1989, before joining the Agence universitaire de la Francophonie in 1996. It hosted the 13th Francophonie Summit in Montreux in October 2010.

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