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Sudan – South Sudan : Situation in Darfour (July 27, 2012)

France is troubled by the recent deterioration in the security situation in Darfur due to the proliferation of armed operations and attacks by rebel movements.
It wants to emphasize that the crisis in this region cannot be resolved through military means, and calls on rebel movements that have not yet joined the Doha peace process to do so without delay. France also condemns the bombardment of South Sudanese territory, which caused several casualties last week. It reminds the parties of their obligation to comply with the cease-fire and the provisions of Security Council Resolution 2046.

France underscores the urgent need for a comprehensive agreement between Sudan and South Sudan. The August 2 deadline set by the African Union and the Security Council is fast approaching. Each side has put forward proposals. Now more than ever, compromise is necessary. It is essential for the parties to resolve their differences as swiftly as possible. France notes that the Security Council reserves the right to take the necessary measures if no notable progress is made by August 2.



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