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Other types of cooperation

Other types of cooperation

Military and police cooperation

In view of the challenging security problems it faces, South Africa is keen to learn from France’s expertise in specialist policing activities (technical and scientific police, cybercrime, victim identification, investigation of clandestine laboratories, etc.), and called on French expert advice as part of its preparations for the 2010 World Cup.

Three bilateral military agreements are currently in place: a global agreement on defence cooperation signed on 28 May 1998, an agreement on coordination of maritime search and rescue services signed on 31 May 2001 and a security agreement on the exchange of classified defence information signed on 31 July 2001. There are three elements to our military cooperation: strategic dialogue, operational cooperation and the supply of arms. Growing numbers of South African military personnel are learning French to facilitate communication with their French counterparts. The 9th meeting of the annual Joint Defence Commission was held in April 2012. Senior representatives of French and South African armed forces also take part in the Strategic Defence Dialogue process.

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