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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation


Multiform and multisector civil cooperation

Although it has little historical presence in the region, France is now one of the leading sources of foreign funding for South Africa thanks to the growing involvement of the French Development Agency AFD since 2009.

Under the Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) signed in March 2011, the AFD will provide €1 billion over the 2011-2013 period. The priority target will be to reinforce basic infrastructure (water, transport and energy in particular), in order to reduce the structural inequalities brought about by half a century of separate development. There will also be support for the productive sector, tackling climate change and regional economic development. The AFD has also signed two parallel agreements, one involving €200 million for the modernisation of Cape Town airport, and the second a memorandum of understanding on the construction of a dam to supply water to the Durban urban area at a projected cost of €70 million.

Our cultural cooperation network is extensive, consisting of 14 Alliances Françaises centres (5,000 students), the French Institute of South Africa (IFAS) in Johannesburg, and the French South African Institute of Technology (FSATI).

France and South Africa enjoy close cultural links. A bilateral agreement between the Ministries of Culture (covering training and exchanges of experts, artistes and information) was renewed in 2010 and a film coproduction agreement between the French film council CNC and its South African equivalent NFVF was signed in the same year.

The organisation of the France/South Africa Seasons/Saisons Croisées in 2012 and 2013, approved during President Zuma’s visit to France, will create links between a wide variety of different fields (painting, music, theatre, street arts, education, sport, innovation, trade and more). The Season of France in South Africa ended on 17 November 2012, to be replaced by the Season of South Africa in France early in 2013.

In the science and technology fields, a number of partnerships have been set up with leading French research institutes. Some thirty French researchers are based in South Africa and a number of jointly funded advanced research and innovation programmes are in place.

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