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Economic relations

France is Slovenia’s fourth-leading customer, fourth-leading supplier and fourth-leading investor. This economic presence, based primarily on that of two major groups, Renault-Nissan and Société Générale, has nevertheless been stagnating since 2005. Slovenia now attracts only a small number of foreign investors (high cost of setting up industrial facilities and limited domestic market). French companies sometimes come up against regulatory or environmental obstacles or Slovenia’s tendency to give priority to national companies.
However, of the 41 French subsidiaries, Renault, Société générale, Leclerc and other businesses in the mechanics sector have sites that show remarkable success. Renault increased its investments at the Novo Mesto site and targets all European markets, with 98% of the vehicles produced (210,000 cars per year) exported. France was recently awarded a few contracts (Alstom for the Sostanj thermal power plant, Systra for the implementation of GSM-R on the rail system, etc.), and promising prospects are emerging for the months and years ahead, in particular in the transportation sector (regional trains, ground speed control system, etc.).

In the nuclear energy sector, the Slovenians have a power station in Krsko. A second phase is planned. Three manufacturers have been shortlisted: Areva (1600W EPR), Westinghouse (ATMEA) and Mitsubishi: (APWR and AP-1000). The call for tenders should be launched between 2011/2013 to start construction in 2015 and activation between 2020/2025.

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