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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation

Cultural cooperation is based on the French Institute of Bratislava and five Alliances Françaises. The dissemination of French is growing, thanks in particular to an increase in French involvement: four bilingual secondary school options, four partially bilingual university courses of study in the areas of management and economics, increase of French in general academic instruction (nearly 10% of students). Slovakia became an observer member of the Francophonie organization during the Beirut Summit in 2002. The promotion policy is also based on the university training offering, as France is the sixth most popular destination for Slovak students (after the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Austria and the United States) and the second most popular destination in the Erasmus scholarship system, after Germany (600 Slovak students in France). In addition, the Slovak government actively supports the establishment of a French-language training programme for 250 civil servants responsible for European matters, with the financial support of the AIF. The CEES has organized preparatory sessions for competitive European institution examinations for French-speaking candidates. Finally, in 2003, a French school was opened in Bratislava.

The French cultural presence is increasingly visible : each year, the French Language Film Festival in Bratislava meets with increasing success. The French Institute of Bratislava was also one of the creators of Bratislava’s first “modern festival” of classical music (“the Musical Gardens of Bratislava”).

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