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San Marino

France and San Marino

France has had with official relations with San Marino since the Directory. A San Marino legation was opened in Paris in 1855. Relations between France and San Marino are sparse, but friendly.

Diplomatic relations

France’s representative to the Republic of San Marino, since the closure of the Consulate General in Florence in 1997, is its Ambassador to Italy. San Marion’s legation in France became an Embassy on December 30th, 1988.

Political relations

In political terms, bilateral relations are good, and the Republic of San Marino typically supports France in international bodies where it is a member.

The Captains Regent conducted an official visit to France from September 23rd to 25th, 1982. At that time, they invited the President of the Republic to visit their country, and have since repeated this invitation. In December 1985, the Head of Government Mr. Giordano Bruno Raffi, came to France. Mr. Didier Bariani, then Secretary of State, visited San Marino on October 19th, 1987 to represent the French government during the 4th Biennial Festival of the Peoples dedicated to France (artistic events). Mr. Eric Woerth, Minister responsible for the budget, went to San Marino in September 2009 to sign an agreement regarding exchanging tax information.

Cultural relations

During the San Marino ministerial visit to France, in December 1985, a cultural and scientific agreement was signed, focused on exchanges in the fields of science education, the arts, and sports.

Consular relations

On January 14th, 1954, France and the Republic of San Marino signed a reciprocity agreement regulating the terms for residence and establishment by nationals of both parties in the other’s territory.

The Republic of San Marino appointed Honorary Consuls in Paris, Bordeaux, Grenoble, and Metz.

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