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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation


The France-Russia cross year highlights the multifaceted exchanges that feed the political, economic and intellectual dialogue between the two countries. France’s cooperation policy has several areas of focus, including:

- exchanges, whether it be students (mobility promoted by an active scholarship policy bourses), researchers (entering into partnerships between research institutes), or more generally, the dialogue with the elite and civil society. Efforts made to promote speaking the partner’s language and dialogue between the cultures contribute. Accordingly, the bilateral agreement on learning the partner’s language signed in 2004 enabled the opening in September 2009 of international Russian departments in secondary education institutions in France (Nice and Strasbourg).
- promotion of France’s appeal
- support for reforms in Russia, in particular in administration and the economic framework (cf. participation in the presidential training programme aimed at officials and the conclusion, in November 2009, of a new agreement on corporate executives)

The cross year helped revitalize these ties, open new fields and promote the reciprocity of exchanges.

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