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France and Russia

Political relations

The quality of the bilateral relationship is exhibited in regular contacts at the highest level, which have taken on particular depth in the context of the 2010 cross year. President Medvedev made a State visit to Paris in March 2010, and President Sarkozy went to St. Petersburg in June, on the occasion of the International Economic Forum, at which France was the guest of honour.

At the governmental level, bilateral relations are structured by the Franco-Russian Governmental Seminar, the most recent session of which was held in November 2009 in Rambouillet (next session in December 2010 in Moscow). In terms of economics, the Economic, Financial, Industrial and Trade Council (CEFIC), presided over by the French Minister of the Economy and Finance and his Russian counterpart (currently Vice Prime Minister Joukov), meets at least once a year (next session on 5 October in Russia). It prepares for the governmental seminar.

The political dialogue has deepened in the context of the Cooperation Council on Security Issues (most recent session: 7 September 2010 in Paris).

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