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  • Qatar – Visit by the prime minister and foreign minister (07.06.12)

    This visit, which is the first by a Qatari leader since President Hollande’s inauguration and the appointment of the government, will provide an opportunity to continue the close cooperation between France and Qatar with respect to regional issues, particularly Syria, and to exchange views on bilateral issues within the framework of the privileged relations based on friendship and trust between France and Qatar.

  • Qatar –Taliban representation (Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing - 05.01.12)

    The Afghan government and all components of Afghan society seeking a peace agreement have wanted, for a long time now, to have a clearly identified Taliban interlocutor. The opening of the Taliban office in Qatar, if it is confirmed, could respond to this expectation, and constitute a step forward in the political process that should result in free presidential elections in 2014. President Karzai has agreed to the negotiations which will lead to the creation of this office.



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