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Cultural, scientific and technical cooperation


After being dominant, our cultural and educational influence is now being challenged by the increased importance of the Anglo-Saxon model. Our actions are based on a system comprising the French Institute of Lisbon (IFP), a network of 12 alliances, the French Lycée Charles Lepierre in Lisbon, a prestigious secondary school in Portugal, and the Marius Latour School in Porto.

Our interventions focus on two areas:

-  Revamping scientific and university ties, by enhancing France’s attractiveness in the area of science and making it possible to increase student mobility between the two countries

-  Promoting linguistic and cultural diversity, by giving a fresh dynamic to the IFP. French lost its monopoly as leading foreign language to English in the Portuguese educational system in the 1980s. But, since 2003, with the re-establishment of the required second foreign language in secondary school, French is chosen by 85% of students, despite a sharp increase in the popularity of Spanish. However, Portugal, which does not yet apply - because of lack of resources - the European commitment to multilingualism in the educational system, has not made the second language obligatory in high school: only 15% of students continue to learn French at that level. In this context, our actions promoting French are based on the educational cooperation protocol signed on 10 April 2006 during the previous high-level meeting, which establishes “the perspective of developing a plural language offering, enabling French and Portuguese students to learn at least two foreign languages all throughout primary and secondary schooling”. Our actions are also intended to support early French teaching, to improve teacher training and to promote the development of European French departments. Our actions support the development of French certifications in Alliances Françaises, the organization of seminars and the celebration of the French language. In addition, about 100 Portuguese civil servants have received French training, with support from the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie with a view to the French presidency of the EU.

Our cultural offering remains significant. Indeed, the artistic image of our country is an essential reference in Portugal. Accordingly, France’s presence in the main museum-related and cultural institutions is not flagging. Film distribution is still one of the strong aspects of the activities of the Franco-Portuguese Institute in the area of broadcasting, featuring a “French Film Festa” in the autumn, which screens about 30 French films in five or six towns in Portugal and showcases monthly film cycles articulated, as the case may be, with debates on ideas.

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Drawing on the expertise of the Commission consultative des recherches archéologiques à l’étranger (Consultative Commission on Archaeological Research Abroad), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGCID) is subsidizing nearly 160 archaeological missions (from palaeontology to the medieval period) in 65 countries. Among others:

- Torre de Palma: A new volume in the corpus of Roman mosaics Portugal



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